Native Drums Video

The Native Drums original videos are 5 minutes long and as such the files are reasonably large.

The Drum Lives

The music of the First Nations is not a single entity, but a vast and shifting landscape of sound that varies from Nation to Nation, from region to region across Canada.

Reading the Terrain

The music of the First Nations comes not just from…

Bells and Whistles

The hide of the drumskin is not the drum’s only…

Structuring for Sound

Different tribes build their drums in different ways depending on…

Finding Your Voice

Singing is a powerful and exhilarating means of expression in…

Seasons of the Drum

Drums have many and varied functions in the life of…

Iroquois Social Dance

Read about these famous “longhouse” events which brought together the…

Frame Drums With 2 Snares

Tli Cho (Dogrib) Rawhide skin of caribou stretched over wooden frame, snares of babiche; four divisions at back; carefully woven centre.

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