This morning we greeted the new light of the day. When learning about the music of the First Nations, nothing can compare with talking directly with the drummers, singers, dancers and musicians who keep the traditions of their people alive today. In the interviews below, we speak with the modern performers who tell us about the crucial role their art plays in the spiritual and festive life of the community.

Paul Nadjiwan
Paul Nadjiwan Paul is a drum keeper and spiritual leader from Manitoulin Island. Hear him talk about the ceremonies he leads, the drums he makes and plays, and his role in passing down the traditions of his people.

Derrick Bressette
Derrick Bressette Derrick is a drummer, dancer and singer from the Ojibwe Nation and a member of the Morningstar River Singers.

Ian Akiwenzie
Ian Akiwenzie Ian is a singer and drummer with the Morningstar River Singers. See, hear, and read his thoughts on drumming, music, and life.

Eddie Robinson
Eddie Robinson Eddie is the lead singer of the Morningstar River Singers. Here he talks about the communication between drummers and singers, the marks of a good singer and the ways to go about joining a drum group.