Native Drums Video

Each video is available in quicktime, real, windows media, and mpeg formats. The Native Drums original videos are 5 minutes long and as such the files are reasonably large. The low resolution files are all approximately 13 megabytes in size, whereas the high resolution files vary from about 30 megabytes (quicktime) to 47 megabytes (windows media). Download times may be lengthy, but you will agree that they are enjoyable, informative, and well worth the wait!

Morningstar River Singers Perform Live

See and hear a drum and dance performance. This 5 minute video of the Morningstar River Singers includes interviews, drumming, singing, and dancing.

The Making of an Ojibwe Hand Drum

See and hear Elder and Chief, Paul Nadjiwan, describe the significance of his Nation’s traditions as he builds an Ojibwe hand drum, in this 5 minute video.