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Worlds United
Worlds UnitedDiscover the myths and stories which birthed the rituals of the drum and give meaning to the music.
InterviewsSee, hear, and read first-hand accounts of Aboriginal music from drummers and singers from across Canada.
Beat This Drum
Beat this DrumView pictures and videos of drum collections from across Canada and learn about how to make and play the many instruments of the First Nations.
Watch Videos!
Watch VideosSee the original videos created expressly for Native Drums. See a first hand account of the Making of a Hand drum and see a riveting performance by the Morningstar River Singers.
The Drum Lives
The Drum LivesLearn about the drum’s history across several of the First Nations, the traditional ways of making a drum, the many meanings of the drum and rituals which symbolize those meanings.
Drums Today
Drums TodayThe First Nations have long influenced Western art forms. Today, many First Peoples have carried their traditions into the mainstream of modern culture. Look through our showcase to meet some of the brightest talents of today’s Aboriginal music.
Ancient Stories
Ancient StoriesAn introduction to the myths of Aboriginal cultures and the three types of stories with which the First Nations relate and carry on their history.